Saturday, September 8, 2007


Hi, welcome to the blog of Oakington Tomato Farm, but don't let the name fool you we grow raspberries not tomatos. You see, for over 40 years our founder Barry Tirrell started a fruit shop in Irthlingboro, Northamptonshire just after the second world war. After about 25 years he and his wife Christine and two sons Sean and Chrsitopher to Oakington, Cambridge where they are now based with Christopher turning the direction of the farm into Raspberries in 2002. Now the farm spans over South Cambridge and grows fruit for Tesco's Finest range. We also supply for Daniel's soft fruis who package fruit into fruit salads etc for supermarkets. We also do farmers markets over cambridgeshire, huntingdonshire, hertfordshire and northamptonshire. I plan to make a new website for the business so watch this space ill post info on the farms progress and the farmers markets. Thanks x